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Do you have a desire to start meditating but you just don’t know how to begin? Maybe you are even a little uncertain about what exactly meditation is in the first place? How do you find the time…and how the heck are you supposed to incorporate silence when you have so many responsibilities screaming for […]

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Have you ever withdrawn from a loving partner’s touch? Does your body go into fight-or-flight mode at the slightest hint of physical contact? For many women and men, learning to not only accept but fully embrace the pleasure of touch can be a difficult journey… especially for those who have experienced sexual trauma (and really, […]

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Women haven’t always been considered the “weaker sex,” needing big, strong men to come to our rescue. In fact, the first human societies were matriarchal. Labor was equally divided as to each person’s strength and equally respected as a valuable contribution. Women were cherished for their intuition and connectedness to the earth… And then came […]

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This week, Toni and Angela are joined by fellow podcast host Zoe Grimm of The Vodka Press Podcast to talk about unslutting our culture. What does “unslutting” mean, you ask? It’s about ending sexual bullying and slut shaming. Too many women and men experience the pain of being bullied because of other’s ignorant ideas about […]

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Are you in a healthy relationship? It may seem like that’s an easy question, but lots of people don’t really know the answer. Why? Because many of us don’t know what actually constitutes a “healthy” connection. Oftentimes, women stay in relationships for the wrong reasons (ever try to “save” someone and make them a better […]

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Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of self-deprecation and unhealthy behavior, wanting to love yourself enough to stop but unable to figure out how? Do you feel caught up in a sexualized version of yourself that has nothing to do with your true desires? Do you ever feel that you’re more concerned with […]

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Did you know there are more slaves on the planet right now than at any other time in history? The estimated number – between 25 and 30 million. Human beings are being de-valued to the point of complete objectification in cases of domestic, labor, and sexual slavery. Children and young women around the globe are […]

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Do you know how to effectively negotiate a raise? How about how to say “No” to the multitude of people asking for a share of your precious time in a way that keeps you guilt-free? Entrepreneur and speaker JJ Di Geronimo joins the ladies to give listeners advice about how to be a “purposeful woman.” […]

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Have you ever been told you’re not fill-in-the-blank enough; you’re not smart enough, thin enough, outgoing enough, pretty enough? Now, here’s the important part – did you believe it? This episode, author Jen Tress joins Toni and Angela to talk about her new memoir, You’re Not Pretty Enough. In Jen’s case, it was her ex-(emphasis […]

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In this episode, Angela and Toni interview Jan Marquart, LCSW about the therapeutic power of writing. Jan has been a licensed clinical social worker helping teens, families, couples, and individuals for over thirty years. And Jan has written every single day since June of 1972! Through her daily practise of writing, Jan discovered the healing […]

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