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In this exciting episode of Vagina Chronicles Podcast, we are thrilled to share an incredible opportunity with our listeners who are (or are aspiring to be) professional female artists and writers. We interviewed the Executive Director, Janice Sands, of a 120 year-old nonprofit that intends to facilitate some pretty incredible opportunities for female artists “until […]

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We all find ways to cope with the things in our lives that we cannot control; especially as children, we escape into the safer worlds of our imaginations. This ability to create our own reality appears in many forms, as unique to each of us as a fingerprint, as freeing as an open door. As […]

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We love men. We especially love men who “get it.” These forward-thinking, wonderful men who believe in gender equality, the worthiness of women, the brilliance of femininity… our struggle is their struggle. Except, they’re still making jokes about women or laughing at the jokes their friends are making about women. What’s up with that?! In […]

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