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Do you know how to effectively negotiate a raise? How about how to say “No” to the multitude of people asking for a share of your precious time in a way that keeps you guilt-free? Entrepreneur and speaker JJ Di Geronimo joins the ladies to give listeners advice about how to be a “purposeful woman.” […]

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Have you ever been told you’re not fill-in-the-blank enough; you’re not smart enough, thin enough, outgoing enough, pretty enough? Now, here’s the important part – did you believe it? This episode, author Jen Tress joins Toni and Angela to talk about her new memoir, You’re Not Pretty Enough. In Jen’s case, it was her ex-(emphasis […]

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In this episode, Angela and Toni interview Jan Marquart, LCSW about the therapeutic power of writing. Jan has been a licensed clinical social worker helping teens, families, couples, and individuals for over thirty years. And Jan has written every single day since June of 1972! Through her daily practise of writing, Jan discovered the healing […]

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Why are so many women raised to be mortified if their body naturally “expresses” itself in public? Is a woman still a lady if she <gasp> leaves a little odor in the restroom after powdering her nose for fifteen minutes? What about those of us who swear like a sailor? In this episode, Angela and […]

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Listen To The Full Episode: It’s that time again. You know, the time when everyone takes stock of how they’re lacking, failing, too fat, too broke… just plain not good enough. Ugh. Don’t we all feel quite bad enough about ourselves already?! Well, let’s change it up this year and set a goal that isn’t about perpetuating […]

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